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These are the characters and the actors that interpret them. For more information you can click on the links given.

Character Played by Character Information and Pictures
Aragorn Viggo Mortensen Click Here
Arwen Liv Tylor Click Here
Beregrond Ian Hughes X
Boromir Sean Bean Click Here
Bilbo Sir Ian Holmes Click Here
Celeborn Marton Csokas Click Here
Denethor John Noble Click Here
Elrond Hugo Weaving Click Here
Eomer Karl Urban Click Here
Eowyn Miranda Otto Click Here
Faramir David Wenham Click Here
Frodo Elijah Wood Click Here
Galadriel Cate Blanchett Click Here
Gamling Bruce Hopkins X
Gandalf Sir Ian McKellen Click Here
Gil-galad Mark Ferguson X
Gimli John-Rhys-Davies Click Here
Gollum Andy Serkis (voice) Click Here
Grishnakh Stephen Ure X
Haldir Craig Parker X
Hama John Leigh X
Legolas Orlando Bloom Click Here
Lotho Sackville-Baggins Paul Sutera X
Lurtz Laurence Makoare X
Mauhur Robbie Magasiva X
Merry Dominic Monaghan Click Here
Morwen Robyn Malcolm X
Mouth of Sauron Bruce Spence X
Pippin Billy Boyd Click Here
Rose Cotton Sarah McLeod X
Sam Sean Austin Click Here
Saruman Christopher Lee Click Here
Ted Sandyman Brian Sergent X
Theoden Bernard Hill Click Here
Treebeard John-Rhys-Davies Click Here
Ugluk Nathaniel Lees X
Witch-King Lawrence Makoare Click Here
Wormtongue Brad Dourif Click Here

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