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People of Middle-Earth: Gollum
Gollum Name: Gollum, Smeagol
Date of Birth: unknown
Parents: unknown
Race: used to be a Hobbit
Weapon: Stealth
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In The Movie
Andy Serkis (voice)
(AUDIO: Gollum in the Marshes)
(AUDIO: Gollum is called a Sneak!)
(AUDIO: The Fall of Gollum)
"Smeagol used to be a normal, friendly Hobbit untill one day his friend Deagol found the One Ring in the river Anduin. Smeagol then murdered Deagol and took the rings for himself. The evil power of the ring changed Smeagol and he became a wretched creature living in dark places. People gave him a new name: Gollum. Gollum lost his ring and it was found by Bilbo who he encountered in the caverns of the orcs. Bilbo took the ring and Gollum who could not live without his "preciousssss" travelled all across Middle-earth to find Baggins and take the ring from him. Gollum was tamed by Sam and Frodo when they were making their way to Mordor and he became their guide. At the end he tricked them and took them to Shelob's Lair where he hoped he could kill the hobbits and take back the ring. In the end it was Gollum who bit the One Ring of the middle-finger of Frodo as he was standing at the Cracks of Doom. In his reunion with his preciousss he misstepped and fell into the Cracks of Doom thus destroying himself and his preciousss. "

'Sneakin', sneakin'! Hobbitsess always sssooo polite, yesss. Ehm..nice Hobbitsess. Smeagol brings them up ssecret ways, that nobody else can find. Tired he is, and thirsty he is and he guidesssess 'em and he searchesss the path..yess. And then they say: Sneak!"

"Shall we continue to our next character: Elrond?"

Sure Bilbo, let's meet the next person...
Show me the character list again, I want to meet someone else...
I am getting tired, let's stop this tour...

Top Image of Gollum: Inge Edelfeldt

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